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'Superchromatic Spectrosynthesis' is the world's first photographic Light Sculpture, with light being reflected, transmitted, projected, filtered and drawn in. There are 21 lights in all. The entire piece has no colour but is monochromatic silver and white with translucent elements. All colour has been introduced in the lighting to give it the glowing aura. It took Photography to a new level. Of all Elliott's magna opera this amazing Eighties masterpiece took the longest to create - an astonishing 407 hours of actual work. An entire summer from May to September 1986.

Note the barely perceptible sentinel faces. A dazzlingly imaginative piece, the technical virtuosity is equally staggering. 165 test exposures, 40 Polaroids, 21 lights, a 76 action exposure sequence.... the list goes on. The image predates, predicts and is superior to, the computer imagery of the Millennium era. It was created by hand in the artist's London studio. 'Superchromatic' is one of the supreme achievements in the history of photography. 'Superchromatic Spectrosynthesis' has already sold for £15,000. This was a 36 inch Cibachrome. The latest on offer is a spectacular, huge 52 inch piece hand printed by Elliott. The artist bought a large format printer especially to create it, so that he could maintain his tradition of printing everything himself.